Call #5 – Important Reminders

Next Training Calls:

We strongly suggest that you join us for the last few calls. Please set aside the following dates.

  • February 1st: Last Call with Pre-Event Details
  • February 15th: Post Event Wrap-Up
  • February 22nd: Announcing the New YH.TV Network

If you missed last weeks session, you can listen to this call and read the points covered below:

We highly recommend that you make an effort to attend the calls live as the emails you receive after the call only cover the main points of the call and not necessarily all the details.


As we unfold this new site, as with everything, change comes with it’s ebs and flow. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we are creating this to make the flow simpler and easier for us all in the future.

  1. Program Guides have arrive hot off the press. These should be arriving by mail to the Speakers in the next day or two if they haven’t already. You can most definitely give these for promotional purposes when speaking to people. And we apologize if there is any misspelling that may have occurred as there is always something that we catch after the fact.

  2. Dial-In numbers and speaker moderator pin codes will be emailed to you 3 – 5 Days before the conference and included in hard copy via your speaker welcome packages. Please make sure you check all of your emails from us over the next week. This is critical information that you will need for your presentation.

  3. Emergency numbers: please make sure that we have your phone numbers in case that there is an issue and you aren’t on the line 10 minutes before the call.

  4. Session Preparation: Speakers should have received a physical copy of our “How to Prepare for Your Workshop” session cheat sheet, however in the even that your welcome page was delayed or perhaps sent to the wrong address, please print a copy here:

  5. Live Attendance: Speakers will have access to all the sessions from the 2012 Conference for the whole year, however we strongly encourage you to take the time to support your fellow faculty during on the live portion of the conference. It is always appreciated by each of you.


  • Be sure you connecting with Christina to go through any last minute items.

  • SCHEDULE/BIO/SESSIONS/CATEGORIES are now LIVE on the site. Please take a moment to check to be sure all is in order.

  • Program Guide PDF: This is now available on the left column on the conference site. If you haven’t sent this link to your community, we’ve found it speaks volumes to educating your audience and subscribers as to just how real this event is.

  • New email copy: this will also be available today to support your promotional efforts. This is found in the Affiliate area of the site.

  • Your Virtual Classrooms are coming together, however if you have not sent us your PDF handouts or PowerPoint slides, we need these by the end of the day TODAY! Otherwise we cannot guarantee they will end up being loaded into your classroom.

  • Movement and Meditation: This is a great place to allow others to sample your music, cds or dvd. We will be adding more and more into this area. If you are to send us details of a section of your product, please send to us asap.

  • – This is your virtual speaker booth where others come to meet you or communicate with you personally. It’s a good place for you to post your business details, event schedules, private message others that you would like to continue contact with, etc.

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