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We highly recommend that you make an effort to attend our future monthly Affiliate Calls to be scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month as we’ll be making some exciting announcements you may want to be a part of.

Again a huge thank-you to each and everyone of our wonderful faculty for sharing your gift of expertise with our expanding global community.

Follow-Up & Announcements:

  1. Affiliate Cheques are being sent out this week for commissions through to December 31st, 2011. January 31st, 2012 cheques will be released on March 15th. Please remember that the minimum is $75 before a cheque is written.

    * Cheques will only be sent when your W9 and Talent Releases are on file.

  2. Membership Access – Extension of the Virtual Conference will be made available this year through our new membership option. This is only being made available to past and present attendees and participants from the last three years. Affiliates will receive 25% of the monthly membership fee.

  3. YHTV Network – We are very excited to announce the Premier of our YHTV Network of programming to begin in the first week of March. Are you interested in partaking? If so, please contact us for further details and we’ll see when we can coordinate and put you into our show schedule.

  4. Website Creation Workshop – As many of you may already know, we specialize in creating web sites and virtual platforms for online learning. We’ll be holding our next Website Creation Workshop in the second quarter of this year.

    We have scheduled two orientation sessions where those who are interested can come to ask questions and learn more about what’s involved and how it works, but if you’re even remotely interested, please let us know right away as space is very limited.

    • Monday, March 12 @ 5pm PST (8pm EST)
    • Wednesday, March 14th @ Noon PST (3pm EST)

    The Workshop begins March 26th, Monday and Wednesdays for a total of 8 weeks (4 weeks of live sessions and 4 week of follow up).

    * Space is limited to 5 sites.

  5. Affiliate Updates – Monthly calls will begin next Wednesday at 12 Noon PST and each month thereon after on the last Wednesday of each month to update everyone on the happenings of YogaHub and the new Network, plus any new workshops, promotions or events we have planned.

  6. Survey – We will be sending out a survey to you in the next week. Please take a moment to fill this out. We want to know how we can improve the process for you as a speaker.

  7. Testimonials: We would be so grateful if you leave us an audio testimonial of your experience as a speaker. Simply call 215-I-DO-YOGA (436-9642) and leave a few kind words, it would mean the world to us. Truly! There’s nothing the YH Team loves more than hearing positive endorsements from you and our community.

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