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A huge thank-you to each and everyone of our wonderful faculty for sharing your gift of expertise with our expanding global community. We hope you had a wonderful time and experience with us this year as we moved up another notch in our platform – with over 20% of all sessions being LIVE Streamed with video.

We highly recommend that you make an effort to attend the Post Event speaker/affiliate calls live as we’ll be making some exciting announcements you may want to be a part of.

Follow-Up & Announcements:

Welcome wonderful Speakers and Affiliates and to those who may have just joined us!

We are still deep within our post production stage over here with audio and video cleanup, getting packages ready to be sent out and your generous gifts to be shared for another two weeks. The flow and momentum continues.

We are still getting registrations coming so it only goes to show that the promotions still have an effect.

We have a wonderful 600+ participants and counting.

Important notes:

  1. Speaker Log In Issues: If you as a Speaker cannot LOGIN to your account on the new conference site, we do apologize and would like to ensure you can access all of this years content. We ask that you please call Jennipher at 323.662.3225 where she can assist you in bringing balance to this situation.

  2. Continuing the Flow: This year’s Sweetheart Deal began yesterday and is available for 72 hours offering 15% off most everything at We are not asking you to heavily promote this, however we do suggest that if you have product(s) listed in our store you may want to mention that to your community. And remember as an affiliate you will receive 5% of all gross sales of any standard e-commerce goods from anyone you refer.

  3. Spreading the Message both FAR and WIDE: We want to capture the attention of those who have heard about the conference, but for one reason or another, were not able to attend.

    Only, you and all the participants truly know the real world value of these classes and information that was shared during the more than 50+ hours of workshops and sessions. Our hope is that we can give as many people the ability to gain access to this incredible wisdom to ensure these seeds of knowledge will be spread as far as possible to help make global shifts around the planet.

    Last year we offered the sale of SINGLE SESSIONS, SINGLE DAY PASSES and PRE-TICKET SALES for the following year.

    THIS YEARS OFFER: Due to popular demand we’ll be launching a new Membership Site to allow all existing participants to continue listening to the past two years conference sessions for a small monthly fee. We are still working on the logistics and will share these with you next week. So please be sure to mark the date on your calendar and tune into our live video stream.

  4. Speakers Sessions: Please take the time to interact with other speakers sessions. Enjoy the content that has taken place.

  5. Blogging : We have an individual that writes for the Examiner that is blogging about the sessions. Good luck, I hope she blogs about yours.

  6. Forum: We encourage you to take the time to go into the forum and answer those questions asked of you by your students and participants of your session. These will continue to flow in as people listen and re-listen to your sessions over the coming weeks.

  7. Testimonials: We would be so grateful if you leave us an audio testimonial of your experience as a speaker. Please do this now before you put it off and forget. Simply call 215-I-DO-YOGA (436-9642) and leave a few kind words, it would mean the world to us. Truly! There’s nothing the YH Team loves more than hearing praise from you, our community.

  8. What’s Next: We are beginning our YH.TV Network in March. We hope that will excite you as it has us. If you would like to participate in this we will cover this topic further on next Wednesdays call (the 22nd).

  9. Virtual Workshops: How would you like to begin offering LIVE ONLINE Workshops? We would love to collaborate with those of you interested in doing this and will go into further detail next week on how you we’ll be working with people in the coming months to prepare for this. But, if you’re even remotely interested, please reach out and touch base with us as our schedule is already starting to fill up fast for the rest of the year.

Thank you again, and as always if you have any questions please feel free to email or call me directly.

Christina Souza Ma

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