Call #6 – Last Minute Video Promos

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We highly recommend that you make an effort to attend the Post Event speaker/affiliate calls live as we’ll be making some exciting announcements you may want to be a part of.

A huge congrats goes out to a lot of new Speakers & Affiliates for making their first sales yesterday! It’s been very exciting to watch the registrations flow in. Thank you to you all for your continued efforts in growing the community for this conference.

This Weeks Announcements:

  1. COUPON CODES ARE OFFICIALLY OVER which means all registrations are for the full ticket price of $129, which of course you are entitled to 30% commission on each of the sales that come through your link.

    Please know that if you send someone to the site directly to register and you don’t have your links on hand and the codes are no longer valid. Just have them call us or write in the comment field at check out that they are your student, friend or family.

    This is still a great time to get in a few last promotions because as I’m sure you have all seen an experienced in your own events, most people tend to procrastinate on registering, even if they have every intent to attend. So although we’ve seen two waves of orders (end of December, plus yesterday), it’s never too late and we expect to see a third wave as we round the home stretch on the last few days leading up to the conference.

    As a matter of fact, as we’ve seen in the previous two years, the last 7 days are the busiest days for ticket sales. But it all depends on you, our speakers and affiliates, so please, we urge you to give it your best and last big hurrah in the next few days.

  2. New Promotions: If you already have a camera and want to pop-off a quick video promo about your session, you can view two examples by David Berceli and Beverly Driver.

    Film the video clip, upload to YouTube or to DropBox and send us a link to the file. We will imbed it into the conference site for you with your session description, and send you back the link to email to your community.

    Another idea that’s worked well in the past for some of our speakers is to offer a “Gift with Purchase”, because the discounts are now over, you may want to consider doing a give a way to your community for registering, such as an ebook, music, meditation download or free session. You can definitely be creative to attract registrants.

  3. Emails Please send one last email out in the next few days. It will make a world of difference. We learned this from last year. Registrations began to flow in even during the first few days of the conference.

  4. Handouts & PDF’s Thursday deadline! If we don’t receive it by then, we can make no guarantee that it will be put into your classroom.

Follow Up Reminders:

  • Welcome Packages have all been sent out! Each Speaker and Participant will be receiving one. So make sure to look out for it this week. If for some reason you don’t receive one or it was damaged upon its arrival, please let us know and we can ship you another.

  • Tickets to the conference: Speakers have immediate access from now until the next conference in 2013. Affiliates, we need you to take a pro-active approach as the conference is right around the corner. If you know that you have made 3 sales, please contact us immediately so that we can give you access.

    If you have not made the 3 sales and would like to participate, we have a special code that will give you 50% off the registration fee. Simply contact us and let us know how you helped in the promotion of the conference and our staff would be happy to give you a special discount.

  • Movement and Meditation: Please check to see if you are listed and if it is still alright for us to continue using that clip.

  • Products: We are doing our best to get them up on the site by the end of week.

Preparing for the Conference:

We’ve gone through most of these items with you in personal phone calls, but please review them to ensure you don’t miss anything.

  1. Dial-In Codes will be sent to you by Sunday, February 5th,
    so please make sure you check your Emails from us. This is critical information that you will need to access the call at your schedule time.

  2. Preparing for Your Session: Please make sure you have this check list. It was sent to you in the welcome package that had all the promotional materials. If you cannot find it, simply download and print a copy here:

  3. Time to Call In – Please call in 10- 12 min before your scheduled time (but not earlier). This is extremely important!

    If you call before that, you may enter into the session before yours.
    If you call minutes before the scheduled time we cannot make any last minute adjustments to sound or technical difficulties. If you call in and it does not sound like anyone is on the line with you. Don’t worry, the team may have just needed to step away for a moment. Usually there will be one of us on the line.

  4. Double Session Calls: You must complete the first part, hang up and dial back in for part two.

  5. Ending of Your Session: Each call may have a double ending, one to thank you and everyone in attendance, then a second to thank our sponsors, and finally the close, so please make sure to wait until that is completed before hanging up your phone for recording purposes.

  6. Eating and Drinking: No eating on the call and if you are drinking, please make sure it is a cup that will not make any noise. Water bottles are not recommended as they make terrible sipping noises.

  7. Emergency Numbers: Please make sure that we have your phone numbers in case there is an issue and you aren’t on the line 10 minutes before the call.

  8. Speakers: It would be wonderful to support your fellow faculty on the live portion of the calls.

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