Training Call #2 – January Promo

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2012!

Thank you for taking the time to review these call notes. If you have a web master, we encourage you to invite them to the calls or forward this email to them for review, so they can help optimize your site and your potential of reaching a greater audience.

We hope that you and your loved ones had a joyous end to 2011 and greeted 2012 with laughter and fun with family and friends!

First of all we really want to Congratulate so many of you on the pre-conference sales. It was very exciting last week as we watched and assisted so many individuals that received your promotional year end mailings sharing the conference.

There was so much excitement as return participants felt they were getting such a great deal on this years conference ticket. They said it was a gift in itself at the half price of $65. So thank you so much for supporting this.

We understand that being year end many of you were away or didn’t get a chance to promote yet, but not to worry as we move into our next promotional offer for those who might have missed the Early Bird Holiday Special.

Here are the points from the call:

1. Next Promotion:

  1. I have to apologize as I made a mistake on our first call when I mentioned the January Speaker Promotional Discount as being $50 off. I am terribly sorry for that. The correction is a $30 discount when using your Affiliate Coupon Code. This will take the registration fee from $129 to $99, this correction will make a difference on your affiliate commissions and a better reason for the communities to look forward to the Early Bird Special each year.

    This discount and all relevant coupon codes will
    ONLY be available up until January 31st, 2012.

  2. Banners, Emails, Twitter, FB Templates are updated and ready in the Affiliate Center.

  3. Template Text is there to support you and to give you an idea of the important points that are necessary for the promotion. Please feel free to massage the text to make it more personal for your community. We each have a specific voice and approach and we know it to be most effective coming from your voice.

  4. Banners – these will stay the same through out the conference offering people 3 free sessions to try before registering. This is for your community to be able to take action and experience the platform immediately.

  5. For all those speaking this year in 2012, an email with your personal link and $30 savings coupon code should already be in your “Inbox” (sent from Jennipher). Please make sure to look out for this to use in your communications.

3. Tickets for Promotions & Raffles

  • If you would like to hold a raffle or special promotion to get more exposure, please contact Segovia Smith directly at 323-662-0230. He will support you to get the most out of the promotion. The Facebook promo and social contests we did last year were very successful.

4. Support Materials

  • We have chosen to be more eco conscious this year. We are restraining from printing postcards as many expressed that they did not use these. Instead we will supply you with the links below to be able to print out what you need to support your participation in this Virtual Platform.

    a. Flyers: We will send you this link once they are completed.

    b. Weekly Action Plan checklist to support you in the flow of your conference promotional efforts. This will help you to track when to send emails, post on Facebook and Twitter, place banners on your site, etc. We hope that this will also assist you in the flow of communication with your own community and the growth of your own email list.

    c. Community Involvement Plan – A checklist to support you in building your communication with participants and other speakers before and after the conference. Keeping extended communities informed and involved with you.

5. 2012 Speaker / Affiliate Tickets

  1. Speakers are automatically compensated with a free conference ticket for this years event and will continue to have access for the entire year.

  2. Affiliates are entitle to receive one free comp. ticket for 3 paid referrals.


PRE RECORDS: These will be taking place within the next two weeks. If you have not booked a date with Christina yet, please contact her immediately.

CLASSROOM PDF’s, POWER POINTS, etc. please send these in to us ASAP or by or before next weeks Speaker Training call.

PRODUCTS: Again, these also need to be sent in within the next two weeks. Those of you who already have products with us will be notified if we are low on inventory.

LIVE PROMOTIONS: We shall begin our live Previews this month. This will enable you to send your community to a special Audio or Video for the promotion of both the conference and your session. If you are familiar with using Skype, and have a web-cam please contact Christina right away to let her know as we are attempting to do this via Skype Video.

BIOS, DESCRIPTIONS and CLASSROOMS: We continue to build these daily. You will begin to see it unfold in the coming weeks.

SOUND CHECKS: We will begin testing phones, headsets, microphones, instruments, video, etc. starting next week after each call from now until the conference for those who require it. Simply attend our training session next week and stick around at the end for a sound check to test your setup.


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