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Being an Affiliate is still a new concept to many out there. You may have heard this term, you might have become an affiliate but what does it really mean? What does this entail?

These monthly calls are our attempt to support you. We want to write you a cheque while we continue to grow this collaborative community where you are supporting others and others are supporting you.

For example, if you are presenting a workshop through YogaHub, wouldn’t you want your message to reach as wide an audience as possible? Well so does the next individual or speaker.

If you have a product that you are releasing (a new CD, DVD, eBook, etc.), don’t you want your marketing message out there in front of as many people as you can find? Well so does your fellow peer, teacher, speaker, author or returning YH Faculty.

We can all help and support each other and get our gifts out there to the world wide web of cyberspace. And YogaHub will be here to support all of you while you continue to support us, and each other.

Let’s all continue to grow together, because as they say “a rising tide raises all boats”.

Follow-Up & Announcements:

Please let us know if there are future topics that you would like us to cover throughout this ongoing affiliate training series.

  1. Our Membership Site has been launched – Participants of any of the past 3 conferences are now able to join the Membership for $20/month to gain access to all 3 years – we’re calling it the “Premium All-Access-Pass”.

    As an Affiliate you will earn 25%, which is $5/month for each paying member tagged to you. So congratulations to all of those who have already made sales, we look forward to writing you checks more often.

    Again, there is no promotion necessary on your part as we have notified all past and present participants directly and will continue to remind them, so good luck. Of course if you are in conversation with anyone wanting to regain access to the conference, it would behoove you to mention this to them.

    And remember, it pays to send us customers, even if they only buy a single CD or session, because then when it comes to other items such as the conference tickets or in the case of our membership site, you’ll earn extra cash, so please keep the referrals coming.

  2. YHTV is being launched this Friday, March 2nd!

    We hope that you will join us for our premier kick-off shows on Tuesday March 6th from 9:30am to 12:00 pm PST and again at 11:00am PST on Wednesday the 7th. The regular programming will continue on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:30 or 11am for the month of March and will most likely increase production and the number of shows as we get warmed up with the new flow.

    We are so very excited and hope that you will participate with us if you are an Affiliate that is also an expert in your field and have something to share with our global community. Please contact us directly for more info.

  3. Finally, Segovia elaborates on several ways to increase your Affiliate Commissions by adding product reviews, resources or conference sessions and e-commerce items to your website or blog.

See several examples on the following YogaHub Preferred Sites:

Please stay tuned as our next session on March 28th may need a time slot change pending on YHTV… so keep a look out for future emails.

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