Get Involved – Weekly Action Plan

When you combine the efforts of YogaHub’s growing list of speakers and faculty, an additional 100+ affiliates, dozens of studio owners, our growing list of sponsors and a full-scale marketing campaign to promote this years Virtual World Yoga Conference, you end up with a ton of excitement, energy and online buzz.

Leading up to, during, and after the Virtual Conference, our network of YogaHub sites including the conference, our virtual community, online shopping site and forum are positioned to receive an estimated 10 million web hits. Therefore it is to your best interest to make yourself visible and become an active member of our community.

The following is a check list of things you can do around YogaHub between now and the conference to increase and maximize your exposure during these exciting times. Simply work you way down the list and begin to check the items off one by one. And remember, we’re here to support you. If you don’t know how, just give us a call!

1. Flush Out Your Community Profile

Consider this like having a virtual booth on the trade show floor. This is where you can post links to your site, share photos and videos, meet new people and make friends.

Here are two great examples of what a profile can/should look like as an active member, both from a personal standpoint or for a business, studio or sponsor.

Megan McDonough

Eco Friendly Babies

[ ] Upload an avatar profile photo, or several.
[ ] Upload additional photos of yourself, your studio or just about anything else.
[ ] Add videos to your profile from YouTube and other popular online video sites.
[ ] Make friends with other speakers and community members
[ ] Comment on other peoples pages, profiles, videos, photos, blogs, etc.
[ ] Add links to your web sites, Twitter & Facebook pages.

2. Get Social with Us

Of course not everyone is a member of, so come play in the other online spaces such as Twitter and Facebook. We’re dedicated to helping increase your online visibility because as the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats.

[ ] Friend and follow us on both Twitter and Facebook @YogaHub.
[ ] Follow our special Virtual Conference Twitter list, tweet it out and make friends with other speakers and faculty.

3. Cruise Around YogaHub

Aside from our virtual community networking site, just about every other area of our site has some way of contributing and interacting. Each of these interactions will track back to your news feed on your profile page and give you cross pollination with other speakers and YH members.

For example, if you were to go to, you could take a look through some of the products being offered by other speakers from the conference. If you find a book or CD that perhaps you’ve read or listened to, you could login and post a quick review or testimonial. This goes a long way to helping that speaker not only gain a review, but it also posts a item to your news feed which may ultimately lead a future participant to buy that product. It also provides you with a link back to your profile and increases your visibility in our community.

Here’s an example:

This is just one of many ways to interact with our various sites.

[ ] Visit our online store and leave a comment, review or testimonial.

[ ] Visit the forum and get involved in a discussion (or start a new one.)

[ ] Comment on a post from our blog.

4. Start Blogging or Integrate with your Existing Blog

Did you know that you can start a free blog with YogaHub in a matter of seconds? It’s super simple and we even have video tutorials that show you how. What’s that you say? You already have a blog? Even better, why not integrate your RSS feed into your MYH community profile so that every time you post to your main blog, it automatically posts a copy to your community page giving you instant exposure from within our community. Ultimately helping to expand your audience and readership.

[ ] Start a new blog at
[ ] Integrate with your existing blog.

  • How-To Video Tutorial
  • Start a New Blog

    5. Share Your Testimonial or Feedback with Us

    As you may have noticed from the conference web site, we love hearing from you. If you’ve had a good experience working with us, or just have a few kind words to share (or creative criticism) with us, we’d love to hear them.

    [ ] Record a Quick Audio Testimonial

    Voicemail Box: 215-I-DO-YOGA (215-436-9642)
    Simply state your name, the city you live in, and a few kind words.

    [ ] Leave Your Mark & Share Your Story

    [ ] Give us your creative input (good or bad)

    Remember, YogaHub is dedicated to “Revolving Around You!” We built this platform to help support individuals, speakers, teachers, authors and studio owners. So get out there and take part in helping us make this the best health and wellness community online.

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