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Being an Affiliate is still a new concept to many out there. You may have heard this term, you might have become an affiliate but what does it really mean? What does this entail?

These monthly calls are our attempt to support you. We want to write you a cheque while we continue to grow this collaborative community where you are supporting others and others are supporting you.

For example, if you are presenting a workshop through YogaHub, wouldn’t you want your message to reach as wide an audience as possible? Well so does the next individual or speaker.

If you have a product that you are releasing (a new CD, DVD, eBook, etc.), don’t you want your marketing message out there in front of as many people as you can find? Well so does your fellow peer, teacher, speaker, author or returning YH Faculty.

We can all help and support each other and get our gifts out there to the world wide web of cyberspace. And YogaHub will be here to support all of you while you continue to support us, and each other.

Let’s all continue to grow together, because as they say “a rising tide raises all boats”.

Follow-Up & Announcements:

Please let us know if there are future topics that you would like us to cover throughout this ongoing affiliate training series.

  1. Our Membership Site has been launched – Participants of any of the past 3 conferences are now able to join the Membership for $20/month to gain access to all 3 years – we’re calling it the “Premium All-Access-Pass”.

    As an Affiliate you will earn 25%, which is $5/month for each paying member tagged to you. So congratulations to all of those who have already made sales, we look forward to writing you checks more often.

    Again, there is no promotion necessary on your part as we have notified all past and present participants directly and will continue to remind them, so good luck. Of course if you are in conversation with anyone wanting to regain access to the conference, it would behoove you to mention this to them.

    And remember, it pays to send us customers, even if they only buy a single CD or session, because then when it comes to other items such as the conference tickets or in the case of our membership site, you’ll earn extra cash, so please keep the referrals coming.

  2. YHTV is being launched this Friday, March 2nd!

    We hope that you will join us for our premier kick-off shows on Tuesday March 6th from 9:30am to 12:00 pm PST and again at 11:00am PST on Wednesday the 7th. The regular programming will continue on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:30 or 11am for the month of March and will most likely increase production and the number of shows as we get warmed up with the new flow.

    We are so very excited and hope that you will participate with us if you are an Affiliate that is also an expert in your field and have something to share with our global community. Please contact us directly for more info.

  3. Finally, Segovia elaborates on several ways to increase your Affiliate Commissions by adding product reviews, resources or conference sessions and e-commerce items to your website or blog.

See several examples on the following YogaHub Preferred Sites:

Please stay tuned as our next session on March 28th may need a time slot change pending on YHTV… so keep a look out for future emails.

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Conference Membership Access

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We highly recommend that you make an effort to attend our future monthly Affiliate Calls to be scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month as we’ll be making some exciting announcements you may want to be a part of.

Again a huge thank-you to each and everyone of our wonderful faculty for sharing your gift of expertise with our expanding global community.

Follow-Up & Announcements:

  1. Affiliate Cheques are being sent out this week for commissions through to December 31st, 2011. January 31st, 2012 cheques will be released on March 15th. Please remember that the minimum is $75 before a cheque is written.

    * Cheques will only be sent when your W9 and Talent Releases are on file.

  2. Membership Access – Extension of the Virtual Conference will be made available this year through our new membership option. This is only being made available to past and present attendees and participants from the last three years. Affiliates will receive 25% of the monthly membership fee.

  3. YHTV Network – We are very excited to announce the Premier of our YHTV Network of programming to begin in the first week of March. Are you interested in partaking? If so, please contact us for further details and we’ll see when we can coordinate and put you into our show schedule.

  4. Website Creation Workshop – As many of you may already know, we specialize in creating web sites and virtual platforms for online learning. We’ll be holding our next Website Creation Workshop in the second quarter of this year.

    We have scheduled two orientation sessions where those who are interested can come to ask questions and learn more about what’s involved and how it works, but if you’re even remotely interested, please let us know right away as space is very limited.

    • Monday, March 12 @ 5pm PST (8pm EST)
    • Wednesday, March 14th @ Noon PST (3pm EST)

    The Workshop begins March 26th, Monday and Wednesdays for a total of 8 weeks (4 weeks of live sessions and 4 week of follow up).

    * Space is limited to 5 sites.

  5. Affiliate Updates – Monthly calls will begin next Wednesday at 12 Noon PST and each month thereon after on the last Wednesday of each month to update everyone on the happenings of YogaHub and the new Network, plus any new workshops, promotions or events we have planned.

  6. Survey – We will be sending out a survey to you in the next week. Please take a moment to fill this out. We want to know how we can improve the process for you as a speaker.

  7. Testimonials: We would be so grateful if you leave us an audio testimonial of your experience as a speaker. Simply call 215-I-DO-YOGA (436-9642) and leave a few kind words, it would mean the world to us. Truly! There’s nothing the YH Team loves more than hearing positive endorsements from you and our community.

Call #7 – YH.TV + Announcements

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A huge thank-you to each and everyone of our wonderful faculty for sharing your gift of expertise with our expanding global community. We hope you had a wonderful time and experience with us this year as we moved up another notch in our platform – with over 20% of all sessions being LIVE Streamed with video.

We highly recommend that you make an effort to attend the Post Event speaker/affiliate calls live as we’ll be making some exciting announcements you may want to be a part of.

Follow-Up & Announcements:

Welcome wonderful Speakers and Affiliates and to those who may have just joined us!

We are still deep within our post production stage over here with audio and video cleanup, getting packages ready to be sent out and your generous gifts to be shared for another two weeks. The flow and momentum continues.

We are still getting registrations coming so it only goes to show that the promotions still have an effect.

We have a wonderful 600+ participants and counting.

Important notes:

  1. Speaker Log In Issues: If you as a Speaker cannot LOGIN to your account on the new conference site, we do apologize and would like to ensure you can access all of this years content. We ask that you please call Jennipher at 323.662.3225 where she can assist you in bringing balance to this situation.

  2. Continuing the Flow: This year’s Sweetheart Deal began yesterday and is available for 72 hours offering 15% off most everything at We are not asking you to heavily promote this, however we do suggest that if you have product(s) listed in our store you may want to mention that to your community. And remember as an affiliate you will receive 5% of all gross sales of any standard e-commerce goods from anyone you refer.

  3. Spreading the Message both FAR and WIDE: We want to capture the attention of those who have heard about the conference, but for one reason or another, were not able to attend.

    Only, you and all the participants truly know the real world value of these classes and information that was shared during the more than 50+ hours of workshops and sessions. Our hope is that we can give as many people the ability to gain access to this incredible wisdom to ensure these seeds of knowledge will be spread as far as possible to help make global shifts around the planet.

    Last year we offered the sale of SINGLE SESSIONS, SINGLE DAY PASSES and PRE-TICKET SALES for the following year.

    THIS YEARS OFFER: Due to popular demand we’ll be launching a new Membership Site to allow all existing participants to continue listening to the past two years conference sessions for a small monthly fee. We are still working on the logistics and will share these with you next week. So please be sure to mark the date on your calendar and tune into our live video stream.

  4. Speakers Sessions: Please take the time to interact with other speakers sessions. Enjoy the content that has taken place.

  5. Blogging : We have an individual that writes for the Examiner that is blogging about the sessions. Good luck, I hope she blogs about yours.

  6. Forum: We encourage you to take the time to go into the forum and answer those questions asked of you by your students and participants of your session. These will continue to flow in as people listen and re-listen to your sessions over the coming weeks.

  7. Testimonials: We would be so grateful if you leave us an audio testimonial of your experience as a speaker. Please do this now before you put it off and forget. Simply call 215-I-DO-YOGA (436-9642) and leave a few kind words, it would mean the world to us. Truly! There’s nothing the YH Team loves more than hearing praise from you, our community.

  8. What’s Next: We are beginning our YH.TV Network in March. We hope that will excite you as it has us. If you would like to participate in this we will cover this topic further on next Wednesdays call (the 22nd).

  9. Virtual Workshops: How would you like to begin offering LIVE ONLINE Workshops? We would love to collaborate with those of you interested in doing this and will go into further detail next week on how you we’ll be working with people in the coming months to prepare for this. But, if you’re even remotely interested, please reach out and touch base with us as our schedule is already starting to fill up fast for the rest of the year.

Thank you again, and as always if you have any questions please feel free to email or call me directly.

Christina Souza Ma

Call #6 – Last Minute Video Promos

Download the MP3 Podcast Version

We highly recommend that you make an effort to attend the Post Event speaker/affiliate calls live as we’ll be making some exciting announcements you may want to be a part of.

A huge congrats goes out to a lot of new Speakers & Affiliates for making their first sales yesterday! It’s been very exciting to watch the registrations flow in. Thank you to you all for your continued efforts in growing the community for this conference.

This Weeks Announcements:

  1. COUPON CODES ARE OFFICIALLY OVER which means all registrations are for the full ticket price of $129, which of course you are entitled to 30% commission on each of the sales that come through your link.

    Please know that if you send someone to the site directly to register and you don’t have your links on hand and the codes are no longer valid. Just have them call us or write in the comment field at check out that they are your student, friend or family.

    This is still a great time to get in a few last promotions because as I’m sure you have all seen an experienced in your own events, most people tend to procrastinate on registering, even if they have every intent to attend. So although we’ve seen two waves of orders (end of December, plus yesterday), it’s never too late and we expect to see a third wave as we round the home stretch on the last few days leading up to the conference.

    As a matter of fact, as we’ve seen in the previous two years, the last 7 days are the busiest days for ticket sales. But it all depends on you, our speakers and affiliates, so please, we urge you to give it your best and last big hurrah in the next few days.

  2. New Promotions: If you already have a camera and want to pop-off a quick video promo about your session, you can view two examples by David Berceli and Beverly Driver.

    Film the video clip, upload to YouTube or to DropBox and send us a link to the file. We will imbed it into the conference site for you with your session description, and send you back the link to email to your community.

    Another idea that’s worked well in the past for some of our speakers is to offer a “Gift with Purchase”, because the discounts are now over, you may want to consider doing a give a way to your community for registering, such as an ebook, music, meditation download or free session. You can definitely be creative to attract registrants.

  3. Emails Please send one last email out in the next few days. It will make a world of difference. We learned this from last year. Registrations began to flow in even during the first few days of the conference.

  4. Handouts & PDF’s Thursday deadline! If we don’t receive it by then, we can make no guarantee that it will be put into your classroom.

Follow Up Reminders:

  • Welcome Packages have all been sent out! Each Speaker and Participant will be receiving one. So make sure to look out for it this week. If for some reason you don’t receive one or it was damaged upon its arrival, please let us know and we can ship you another.

  • Tickets to the conference: Speakers have immediate access from now until the next conference in 2013. Affiliates, we need you to take a pro-active approach as the conference is right around the corner. If you know that you have made 3 sales, please contact us immediately so that we can give you access.

    If you have not made the 3 sales and would like to participate, we have a special code that will give you 50% off the registration fee. Simply contact us and let us know how you helped in the promotion of the conference and our staff would be happy to give you a special discount.

  • Movement and Meditation: Please check to see if you are listed and if it is still alright for us to continue using that clip.

  • Products: We are doing our best to get them up on the site by the end of week.

Preparing for the Conference:

We’ve gone through most of these items with you in personal phone calls, but please review them to ensure you don’t miss anything.

  1. Dial-In Codes will be sent to you by Sunday, February 5th,
    so please make sure you check your Emails from us. This is critical information that you will need to access the call at your schedule time.

  2. Preparing for Your Session: Please make sure you have this check list. It was sent to you in the welcome package that had all the promotional materials. If you cannot find it, simply download and print a copy here:

  3. Time to Call In – Please call in 10- 12 min before your scheduled time (but not earlier). This is extremely important!

    If you call before that, you may enter into the session before yours.
    If you call minutes before the scheduled time we cannot make any last minute adjustments to sound or technical difficulties. If you call in and it does not sound like anyone is on the line with you. Don’t worry, the team may have just needed to step away for a moment. Usually there will be one of us on the line.

  4. Double Session Calls: You must complete the first part, hang up and dial back in for part two.

  5. Ending of Your Session: Each call may have a double ending, one to thank you and everyone in attendance, then a second to thank our sponsors, and finally the close, so please make sure to wait until that is completed before hanging up your phone for recording purposes.

  6. Eating and Drinking: No eating on the call and if you are drinking, please make sure it is a cup that will not make any noise. Water bottles are not recommended as they make terrible sipping noises.

  7. Emergency Numbers: Please make sure that we have your phone numbers in case there is an issue and you aren’t on the line 10 minutes before the call.

  8. Speakers: It would be wonderful to support your fellow faculty on the live portion of the calls.

Call #5 – Important Reminders

Next Training Calls:

We strongly suggest that you join us for the last few calls. Please set aside the following dates.

  • February 1st: Last Call with Pre-Event Details
  • February 15th: Post Event Wrap-Up
  • February 22nd: Announcing the New YH.TV Network

If you missed last weeks session, you can listen to this call and read the points covered below:

We highly recommend that you make an effort to attend the calls live as the emails you receive after the call only cover the main points of the call and not necessarily all the details.


As we unfold this new site, as with everything, change comes with it’s ebs and flow. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we are creating this to make the flow simpler and easier for us all in the future.

  1. Program Guides have arrive hot off the press. These should be arriving by mail to the Speakers in the next day or two if they haven’t already. You can most definitely give these for promotional purposes when speaking to people. And we apologize if there is any misspelling that may have occurred as there is always something that we catch after the fact.

  2. Dial-In numbers and speaker moderator pin codes will be emailed to you 3 – 5 Days before the conference and included in hard copy via your speaker welcome packages. Please make sure you check all of your emails from us over the next week. This is critical information that you will need for your presentation.

  3. Emergency numbers: please make sure that we have your phone numbers in case that there is an issue and you aren’t on the line 10 minutes before the call.

  4. Session Preparation: Speakers should have received a physical copy of our “How to Prepare for Your Workshop” session cheat sheet, however in the even that your welcome page was delayed or perhaps sent to the wrong address, please print a copy here:

  5. Live Attendance: Speakers will have access to all the sessions from the 2012 Conference for the whole year, however we strongly encourage you to take the time to support your fellow faculty during on the live portion of the conference. It is always appreciated by each of you.


  • Be sure you connecting with Christina to go through any last minute items.

  • SCHEDULE/BIO/SESSIONS/CATEGORIES are now LIVE on the site. Please take a moment to check to be sure all is in order.

  • Program Guide PDF: This is now available on the left column on the conference site. If you haven’t sent this link to your community, we’ve found it speaks volumes to educating your audience and subscribers as to just how real this event is.

  • New email copy: this will also be available today to support your promotional efforts. This is found in the Affiliate area of the site.

  • Your Virtual Classrooms are coming together, however if you have not sent us your PDF handouts or PowerPoint slides, we need these by the end of the day TODAY! Otherwise we cannot guarantee they will end up being loaded into your classroom.

  • Movement and Meditation: This is a great place to allow others to sample your music, cds or dvd. We will be adding more and more into this area. If you are to send us details of a section of your product, please send to us asap.

  • – This is your virtual speaker booth where others come to meet you or communicate with you personally. It’s a good place for you to post your business details, event schedules, private message others that you would like to continue contact with, etc.

Call #4 – Coupons Expire Jan. 31st

Thank you for taking a moment to listen to this call and read the points covered below:

The Excitement Continues:

  1. Meetings with Christina – I do apologize as I have yet to still meet with some of you. Seems that there has been some issues with my emails getting through to some of your email addresses. If you have not received anything directly from me, please assist me by emailing me as I am not certain which one of you may not have received any communication.

    It may be because of Spam filters, etc., but cannot be sure. I would like to have scheduled a discussion with everyone by end of this week.

    Jennipher is also right by my side calling to assist you as well. Please take advantage of this as we move forward.

  2. Event Schedule – This is now LIVE on the site. At present, this is only the schedule with your picture, names, and title of workshops. NOT THE SESSION DESCRIPTIONS.

  3. Session Descriptions – The team is working fast an furiously on getting these posted by the end of the day, Saturday January 21st. It’s taken longer as this is all on the new site and it takes a little extra TLC to work out the kinks that we encountered from the previous years.

    Please take a moment to review these and let us know if there are any issues as soon as possible. Cut off date for any changes will be Wednesday, January 25th.

  4. The PDF Program Guide – This is available NOW on the site. you can view it by going directly to the conference site. You can also send this pdf format to your community as a way to promote. We know many did last year and it really helped to put something tangible in place for those who are not familiar with how our platform works. It has also gone to print.

  5. The eGram Promotion is now up and running! – You should have received the email with all the directions and a sample of Cherie Sohnen Moe’s eGram, and also you should have received one from me a few days ago. We have had wonderful response to this already.

    All you have to do is follow the directions on the site. Dial in and record your script which there are two templates to choose from for you to massage your text. You will be able to listen and re-record until you are happy with the audio message. Once you submit the form, we gather the pieces and send you the compiled eGram template to send out to your community.

    We suggest that you record your audio as soon as possible. Preferably within the next 24 hours so that we can place all the components together for you. We hope to turn it around within 12-24 hours, by then the session descriptions will be up for your community to view.

    Thank You to Segovia and the team for putting so much effort into this to simplify it for the rest of us.

    * NOTE: These are directly linked to the Coupon Codes which are set to expire on January 31st, so please, if you have any intention of doing this, it needs to be done ASAP!


If You Have Not Heard Directly From Christina, Please Email or Call Her!

  • Movement and Meditation Area: We would love to make any DVDs, short video clips, CD or audio content you may have accessible to the participants to access and sample via our Movement & Meditation area. These are always password protected inside our conference site, so only paid participants will have access to view or listen to your content.
    (you must be logged in to view this page)

  • Prizes and Gifts: To help promote you further if you have any products you would like to give a way as prizes pre, during or post conference.

  • W9 Form + Talent Release Agreements

    Please print these out from the site, sign and return either by scanning and emailing back to me (Christina), or faxing it directly back to 323.662.1677. No Cover sheet necessary.

    You can also send them to:

    2334 Bancroft Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90039

Promotional Efforts:

  1. Affiliate Reports: Check to see if there has been any movement, traffic, clicks or sales from your community, if not, keep sending emails, tweets, etc.

  2. Flyers: Printable PDF’s are available via the Affiliate Media Area. Remember to write YOUR COUPON CODE at the bottom.

  3. Exciting New eGram Promotion: Please record it ASAP.

  4. Social Media: Friend and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

    You can friend and follow other faculty here:

  5. Emails, Banners, Program Guide: Everything you need can be found here in the “Affiliate Media Area”:

  6. Tickets for Promotions & Raffles – If you would like to hold a special promotion or raffle to get more exposure and offer some free tickets to your subscribers or Facebook fans, please contact Segovia Smith directly at 323-662-0230.

  7. Participant Welcome Packages – As many of you know, we send out “Welcome Packages” to all the participants. We would like to extend this opportunity to you as our speaker. If you have a course or product you are promoting and you have postcards or flyers for this, we would be happy to place these in the welcome packages. However, we need these to be shipped to us by or before the 26th of January. If you’re interested, please email us right away.

Follow Up:

Next Training Calls:

We strongly suggest that you join us for the next 2 Training Calls. Please set aside the following dates.

  • January 25th: Reminders, Follow-ups and Testing
  • February 1st: Final Call Before the Conference
  • February 15th: Post Event Call
  • February 22nd: Movement forward for YogaHub Network

Training Call #3 – Audio Postcards

We highly recommend that you make an effort to attend these trainings as the emails you receive after the event only cover some main points of the call.

If you are not able to attend please make the time to listen to these calls as we are focusing on some items that are now becoming critical to the virtual conference event in February (7th – 11th).

The conference is now just a few short weeks away and if you haven’t already got a running head start, it’s time to dig in and focus on Promotion, Promotion, Promotion.

Now is the opportune moment to spread the word to your communities when they are ready to set a precedent for this New Year.

The replay is available here…

Training Call #2 – January Promo

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2012!

Thank you for taking the time to review these call notes. If you have a web master, we encourage you to invite them to the calls or forward this email to them for review, so they can help optimize your site and your potential of reaching a greater audience.

We hope that you and your loved ones had a joyous end to 2011 and greeted 2012 with laughter and fun with family and friends!

First of all we really want to Congratulate so many of you on the pre-conference sales. It was very exciting last week as we watched and assisted so many individuals that received your promotional year end mailings sharing the conference.

There was so much excitement as return participants felt they were getting such a great deal on this years conference ticket. They said it was a gift in itself at the half price of $65. So thank you so much for supporting this.

Weekly Marketing Action Plan

Ready, set, go—it’s time for a tidal wave of communication about our Virtual Conference! With the powerful team of YogaHub, speakers, studio partners, and affiliates all communicating about the event, we can reach all those across the globe who are interested in yoga, meditation and wellness.

Our combined effort to tell clients, friends, family, peers, co-workers and others about the innovative conference adds up to massive action. By sharing the conference with as many people as possible, we are handing them an invitation to learn tools for happy, healthy living.

Get Involved – Weekly Action Plan

When you combine the efforts of YogaHub’s growing list of speakers and faculty, an additional 100+ affiliates, dozens of studio owners, our growing list of sponsors and a full-scale marketing campaign to promote this years Virtual World Yoga Conference, you end up with a ton of excitement, energy and online buzz.

Leading up to, during, and after the Virtual Conference, our network of YogaHub sites including the conference, our virtual community, online shopping site and forum are positioned to receive an estimated 10 million web hits. Therefore it is to your best interest to make yourself visible and become an active member of our community.

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